On the Bottling Line

Sunday, November 02, 2014.

On the Bottling Line

Perhaps nothing in the winemaking process is more nerve‐wracking than bottling time. So much can go wrong! You can be short on bottles, labels, foil, corks. Water can get mixed with wine in the hoses carrying the wine to the bottling truck. Fill levels can get too high or low if not watched for consistency. A bad lot of corks that haven't been properly treated can end up in the bottles. Improperly manufactured bottles can create huge problems and slow down the line. Foils can get wrinkled, labels missed or askew, and on and on . . .

This year we discovered 2 cases of the 2010 ¡Viva Yo! that had what appeared to be leaking corks. Not good! Further inspection revealed that a bottle in each case — remember the bottles are aged upside down — had a foil but no cork. The wine had leaked out slowly since it was bottled in 2012. If that's the only mistake I ever have from bottling I will be a very happy winemaker.

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